About Us

Our History

The Jeannette Public Library has been proudly serving the residents of Jeannette since 1932.  The history of the Library has been as diverse and interesting as the materials and services it holds.

The Library was originated as the Reading Room in the Municipal Building by various Women’s Clubs in March of 1932. The “project” boasted books and other materials solicited as gifts from members of the community. The space and utilities for the Reading Room were provided by the Borough, while the fore mentioned Women’s Clubs provided funding and staffing. The residents of Jeannette now had a place to fulfill their desire to read and learn.

Starting in 1935 the Library, then called the Jeannette Public Library Association, was located at City Hall in the Union Aid Room.  In 1959 the Library incorporated and in 1980 it’s long awaited move to its current home at 500 Magee Avenue became a reality.

The Jeannette Public Library in all of its iterations has remained a constant in the community. From the Great Depression, through Wars and Conflicts, in peace time and now, the Library is proud to be a partner to the Jeannette community.

Today the Jeannette Public Library provides a quiet respite to read or study, written and digital resources, and programs and services tailored to Jeannette Residents and the surrounding communities.

The Mural

Make sure to admire the beautiful piece of art on the outside wall of the building, right across from the free parking lot.  Westmoreland Museum of Art, working with the Jeannette Arts Council, brought the Art Happens Project to Jeannette. The Library’s  piece was the first to go up.

The 3 Dancers are taken from the painting: “The Green Ballet,” by Everett Shinn, and were chosen to honor the 3 Dance Schools in Jeannette-Simply Nikki, the Dance Factory, and Jean Cooke. Come on down and see it!

Our Mission

The Jeannette Public Library provides for personal enrichment, cultural programming, educational support and life long learning for the citizens of this community.


Board Members:

Ms. Joann Billheimer
Mr. Chad Krawtz
Ms. Danielle Linsenbigler
Mrs. Robin Mozley
Ms. Drena Rega
Ms. Debbie Salvatore
Ms. Loretta Scalzitti
Ms. Diane Swartz