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About Us

Make sure to admire the beautiful piece of art on the outside wall of the building, right across from the free parking lot.  Westmoreland Museum of Art, working with the Jeannette Arts Council, brought the Art Happens Project to Jeannette. The Library’s  piece was the first to go up.

The 3 Dancers are taken from the painting: “The Green Ballet,” by Everett Shinn, and were chosen to honor the 3 Dance Schools in Jeannette-Simply Nikki, the Dance Factory, and Jean Cooke. Come on down and see it!

Our Mission

The Jeannette Public Library provides for personal enrichment, cultural programming, educational support and life long learning for the citizens of this community.


Library Policies

Internet Access Policy

Get a Library Card
To apply for a library card you will need to: Come to the library and read our library rules and regulations. Agree to follow these rules.

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Children must be 6 years of age, and need a parent present when applying.
  3. Photo ID with current address is required for adults or parents applying for their child’s card. Other proof of residence includes a current utility bill or lease.
  4. Fill out and sign the application and the back of the library card.

We now offer online library card registration that gives you access to our collection of eBooks, eAudio, and streaming video. For access to physical materials you must go to a library and apply in person.  Click here for more information.

Board Members

Ms. Joann Billheimer
Ms. Danielle Linsenbigler
Mrs. Robin Mozley
Ms. Drena Rega
Ms. Debbie Salvatore
Ms. Loretta Scalzitti
Ms. Nancy Peters
Ms. Diane Swartz